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  • Brand: APC
  • Product Code: BX1100C-IN
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Genset / Inverter Compatibility

  • Works seamlessly with Gansets and Inverters(Home UPS)
Electronic Overload Protection

  • Helps in protecting connected devices when there is an overload
Cold-Start Capability

  • Powers up the unit for that emergency when utility power is out

  • Four battery backed outlets with continuous surge protection and one surge only
  • Faster charging 4-6 hours
  • Battery Saver : Increases battery life uptotwo times.
  • Experience consistent runtime through the battery life#
  • Wide input voltage window : 145 V to 290 V
  • Compatible with low power loads e.g. wifirouter, DSL modem

General Information
Brand APC Back UPS 1100VA
Dimensions 39.40 * 20.30 * 38.40(cent)
Model Id BX1100C-IN
Weight 10kg

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